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Olena Petrenko. Unter Männern: Frauen im ukrainischen nationalistischen Untergrund 1944–1954 (Серед чоловіків: Жінки в українському націоналістичному підпіллі у 1944-1954 рр.). Ferdinand Schoning, 2018. 300 p.

Нова книга на основі дисертаційного дослідження Олени Петренко виходить друком німецькою мовою.

For many years, one of the longest and bloodiest uprisings in the history of Eastern Europe has been a blank spot in historical research: the underground struggle of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) for the establishment of an independent Ukrainian state. It took place until the mid 1950s not only in the USSR, but also on Polish territory.
Petrenko focuses on the importance of women in the Ukrainian nationalist underground exploring topics that have hardly been addressed in the Ukrainian historiography to date. The research findings give a new image of the nationalist underground struggle: women appear as loyal partisans and NKVD agents infiltrated in the underground, sexuality has been used as an instrument of power, women experienced violence as victims and perpetrators. The study shows how strongly the historical perceptions of women's activities in the nationalist underground were and still are shaped by competing historical narratives produced and promoted by the USSR, by Ukrainian diasporas, in post-Soviet Ukraine and in Russia.

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